If you’ve ever developed a digital product, you’ve come to understand the value of moving quickly—whether it’s to gain competitive advantage, get timely customer feedback, or validate assumptions. Unfortunately, traditional processes can be slow and leave us asking, “Isn’t there a better way?” At Copious, we’re not fans of the status quo and believe in applying the right tool for the job. Like Google and IDEO, we champion a design sprint approach that moves digital products forward in more innovative and effective directions than ever before possible.

Our design sprint is an intensive 4-6 week project and at its heart, it’s geared to help us quickly understand the problem we’re solving, who we’re solving it for, and iterate on what works and doesn’t work. To start, we employ design thinking workshops and exercises that facilitate a collaborative deep dive for us and our client’s team. This lays the foundation for the weeks ahead by building an open and transparent relationship—creating an environment of honest feedback and critique, which is essential in collaboration.

Since a primary goal of the sprint is to see concepts quickly, we also start the prototyping process early on. This involves sketches, wireframes, and interactive (think animated) prototypes using collaborative design tools.

Although they aren’t functional, the prototypes give a great sense of what the experience will be like. We can quickly gather and iterate on user feedback—validating ideas, and sometimes discovering completely new ones. In one recent engagement, the design sprint helped a startup in the social space experience their concept quickly while also gaining clarity in their overall product’s strategic approach.

With its successes and growing support, the design sprint isn’t always the best tool for every job—for instance, some of the more complex digital programs we create—so it’s important to consider other approaches to validate concepts. That said, if you’re looking to develop a digital product, or even quickly prototype an idea, a design sprint might just be the approach you’re looking for.