Razer Desktop Software

We had a blast creating the desktop software for the original "razer cloud". This allowed users who purchased mice, keyboards, and other peripheral devices to change their keybinds, settings and even color emitting from their devices. This was one of the most fun projects we had the pleasure of working on.
"It was great working with Copious. They brought a thoughtful, user-focused approach that helped create the best results we've ever had."
"Our site is almost unrecognizable since 2015 and we can see and feel the positive impact. We're able to keep up with the needs of our growing business, and site conversion is up 40% year-over-year!"
"After an exhaustive agency search, we chose Copious to both further the digital brand design and re-platform our ecommerce site. They did a great job and came in on budget and on time."
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